Nutrition in Medicine

evidence-based clinical nutrition education for medical students, residents, fellows, and other physicians.

Online Nutrition Modules

  • evidence-based clinical nutrition education for advanced healthcare professionals, including physicians, residents, and fellows
  • a core nutrition curriculum for medical students that includes both the preventive and therapeutic aspects of medical nutrition care for both pre-clinical and clinical education.
  • interactivity, self-assessment, animations, video, and audio make for an engaging learning experience
  • Only available for desktop/laptop computers

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Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Education

Users who support the Nutrition in Medicine Project with a donation receive access to a wide range of instructional materials, including continuing education certification for physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners at no charge.


Tools for Mobile Devices

We are also developing nutrition applications and tools for mobile devices for use by current and future healthcare professionals.

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Tools for Desktops

We are also developing nutrition applications and tools for the desktop for use by current and future healthcare professionals.

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Newsletters providing recent points of interest for current and future healthcare professionals.

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YouTube Vignettes

YouTube videos providing course overviews of a sampling of the online modules for practicing physicians.

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2016/2017 Educators Survey

We are asking medical nutrition educators to help us with tracking nutrition instruction at medical schools. We have completed this survey every four years since 2000.

Because of the generous help of nutrition educators, these data are available to researchers, administrators, legislators and many other stakeholders. Findings from our previous surveys can be accessed from our publications list.

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